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Windows Phone Shopping List App

A shopping list app created for Windows Phone 7 as part of a Microsoft app development course and competition.

Created for Microsoft Competition in 2011
Technologies: C#, Windows Phone


After a Windows Phone 7 Developer training course, Microsoft announced an app development competition open to anyone in New Zealand. We were able to create any application we like to go into the Windows Phone App Store within 3 weeks after the course. I had used a shopping list app with certain functionality on my Android phone, and decided to create something similar for the Windows Phone 7 platform.


Developing the app was fairly simple given my background in similar Microsoft Technologies such as Silverlight and WPF.


Shop Screen

Frequent Screen

Sorted and Grouped Screens

Add Item Screen


I used this app as my primary shopping list while I had a Windows Phone. It was also up in the app store for a while, and although it wasn't promoted at all, there were a number of people who downloaded it and gave it a positive rating. As I have not updated it to the newer versions of Windows Phone, and I am no longer an active Windows Phone developer, it is no longer available in the app store.