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Live Exercise Monitoring Dashboard

JavaScript web application for live monitoring and historical review of exercise participants.

Created for The University of Auckland in 2013
Technologies: CSS, HighCharts, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Knockout.js, Responsive CSS, Twitter Bootstrap


A University of Auckland research project involves live monitoring of people during exercise, using mobile phones to upload the data to a server. My part of the application was to create a web application where a medical professional could either remotely monitor the exercise sessions live as it happens, or review data from a session afterwards.


The application was developed as a JavaScript application to be run in a browser, with all data remotely loaded from a server using AJAX. There were two major components: one section which reviewed historical data, and another section where live sessions can be monitored.

A version of the application is available for review at This is not the final version but was a complete frontend version that was used for testing purposes with randomly generated test data. Click on a participant to view the details session for that person. Click on the Monitor item on the header to view the monitoring interface.


Participant Summary

Participant Details - Historical Review

Live Monitoring - individual participant view

Live Monitoring sidebar


The web part of the application has been handed off to other developers for integration with the backend system and data collection. Testing of the complete system is currently in progress.